Recently I asked my neighbor Anne-Jan to be a model. I had to build my portfolio and I needed people to be a model for this. This was immediately no problem for Anne-Jan. I already had some experience with Nelson and wanted to repeat this success.

My setup was simple: two speedlights behind a transparent umbrella. One for the main lighting and the other as fill-in light. A dark gray canvas as background and the model on a stool that was placed about 2 meters from the canvas.

The setting of the two speedlights – TT685N – was a matter of trying. The photos were sent directly via a cable to my laptop, where I could immediately see in Lightroom whether or not the photo was sufficiently sharp. Fortunately, the latter was not a problem. Almost all photos were razor-sharp. Anne-Jan was also impressed by this, just like me to be honest. The combination of the Nikon D750 with the Tamrom 24-70 G2 version proves to be very successful.